Affordable Certified Home Inspections in Onalaska, WI

We offer a variety of rates for our services in the tri-state area. Whether you need a home inspection, radon testing, mold inspection, WDO inspection ot thermal imaging inspection we offer quality services for an affordable rate.


Home Inspection
Base Fee
Up to 0-1500 Sq ft

>2000 sq ft                        $375

>2500 sq ft                        $400

Above 2500 sq ft               Call

Interior & exterior thorough evaluation, Thermal imaging, Plumbing systems, Electrical systems, HVAC systems, Gas leak detection,Combustion test of gas fired appliances, Basic operation of appliances (stove, Microhood, dishwasher, etc)

Radon Testing

$25 off with home inspection

Thermal Imaging
FREE with home inspection

Commercial – Please Call for a Quote

Mold Inspection
$175 off with home inspection
Wood Destroying Insects
$25 off with home inspection
$25 off with home inspection